Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day

St. Joseph the Carpenter

Lord Jesus Christ,
it is the Christian religion based on your teachings
that freed work from its degrading character
and made it into something noble-
so much so that it has become associated
with the so-called "work-ethic,"
symbolized by St. Paul's practical principle:
"If anyone will not work, let him not eat!"
Let me realize that Christians work
in imitation of you and the Father
in accord with your words:
"My Father has been working till now
and I work."

By work we build up the world,
as mentioned by the lines of a classic poem:
"God bless the noble working men
who rear the cities of the plain,
who dig the mines and build the ships,
and drive the commerce of the the main.
God bless them! for their swarthy hands
have wrought the glory of our lands."

Le me also understand that work is good
because it builds up your Body in the world
until your second coming in glory.
Thus all human beings are called to work
no matter what type it may be-
from the homemaker to the secretary,
the teacher to the ditch-digger.
And, in reality, there is no difference to the worker-
all work is hard and yet fulfilling,
a burden but a the same time a psychological necessity.
Most of all let me realize that no matter what work I do,
if I fail to do it,
no one else will-
and there will be a setback in building up your Body.

New Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book, Catholic Book Publishing Co.

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