Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Are You Truly a Christian Mother?

Mary Cassatt
Painting by Mary Cassatt

I have belonged to the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers for a few years now.

The following is taken from their Summer 2009 Newsletter. You can read it in its entirety here

"Give me truly Christian Mothers and I will renew the face of the earth."...Pope Pius IX.

What is a Truly Christian Mother?

- She is a mother who lives always in God's grace with no unrepentant grave sins on her soul.

- She would never have an abortion!

- She would not practice contraception.

- She would be dressed modestly, always suitable for the occasion and she would teach her children to do the same.

- In her home pornography would not avoided like the plague, as the ruination of the nation.

The truly Christian Mother will honor, love and respect her husband as the way to teach their children to relate to their parents and to one another.

Good manners and courtesy would be the words best to describe the Christian family in their home.

Genuine kindness is the goal of their life.

This is what the Lord means by charity; and charity begins at home.

A truly Christian Mother will teach her children to pray, and to pray with them...

Both Mother and Dad must go to Holy Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation.

Our Holy Father the Pope recommends confession once a month to keep that sensitivity to God and His expectations.

No one should dare to receive Holy Communion with mortal sins on their souls.

...conduct of the children that Jesus Christ would not approve of must be nipped in the bud: selfishness, anger, hatred, envy, gossip, liziness with diligent, reasonable and timely correction.

The family of a Truly Christian Mother must learn to take their meals together whenever possible....

Christian Mothers must take an interest in their children's education in religion as in secular studies...

Motherhood is indeed a full-time job.

- Copyrighted by Father Angelus Shaughnessy, Order of Friars Minor Capuchin.

For information on joining the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers, please email or call them at 412-683-2400.


prazim said...

Hi Esther,
I think the sentence on porn has a couple of typos. May I ask you to check it and see if you agree?
Thanks so much for this article!
many blessings,

Esther G. said...

Oh thank you Sue! I found a few other typos as well.

God bless,

Unknown said...

I am a Christian Mother from Nigeria. What do you think can encourage mothers to be more committed to the Confraternity and the work of God?

Esther Gefroh said...

Aloha and thank you for your excellent question. First and foremost, they must have a devotion to the mother of all mothers, Our Lady. They must also have a deep devotion to the Holy Eucharist. Weekly adoration would be wonderful! I would also suggest reading the little book from the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers: Improve Now is the Acceptable Time! Regular meetings would also be beneficial, spiritual readings as in a book club. I hope this helps. God bless,