Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feast of the Holy Name of Mary

Misted Mary Queen of Heaven ECG
Lord our God, when your Son was dying on the altar of the cross, he gave us as our mother the one he had chosen to be his own mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary; grant that we who call upon the holy name of Mary, our mother, with confidence in her protection may receive strength and comfort in all our needs”

(Marian Sacramentary, Mass for the Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

Prayer Source Fr. Vince Inghilterra.
If the winds of temptations surger, if you run aground on the shoals of troubles, look to this star, call upon Mary!

If you are tossed by the winds of pride or ambition or detraction or jealousy, look to this star call upon Mary!

If anger or greed or the allurements of the flesh dash against the boat of your mind, look to Mary!

And if you are troubled by the enormity of your sins, confused by the foulness of your conscience, terrified by the horror of the Judgment, so that you begins to be swallowed up by the pit of sadness, the abyss of despair, think of Mary!

In dangers, in straits, in perplexity, think of Mary, call upon Mary

Let her name be always in your mouth and in your heart, and if you would ask for and obtain the help of her prayers, do not forget the example of how she lived.

If you follow her, you will not go astray.

If you pray to her, you will not be lost.

If you cling to her, you will not fall.

If she protects you, you will not fear; if she is your guide, you will not tire; if she is favorable to you, you will reach your goal.

Thus you will experience personally how rightly it was spoken:

"And the Virgin's name was Mary."
- Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

September Issue Magnificat

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