Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Marriage Proposal

Twice I have heard Archbishop Fulton Sheen refer to G.K. Chesterton's proposal to his future wife when he spoke of true love. It is a very beautiful marriage proposal and worthy of being read today.

His marriage proposal can be found here


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Ah, no wonder she said yes!
I think Mr and Mrs Chesterton should be canonised. She was a patient and sensible woman.

Easter Almuena said...

WOW! Esther, that was powerful!!!

Happy Valentine's to you, sweet and loving friend!


EC Gefroh said...

WS and Easter, not only was he a romantic, he was saintly too.

Happy St. Valentine's day friends!

Tracy said...

Just awesome Esther!!!!

Ebeth said...

Thanks for this!! What a treasure! I loved it as I really love GK! What a blessing he has been to our world!

Happy Valentine's Day!

EC Gefroh said...

Wasn't that beautiful Ebeth?

EC Gefroh said...

I'm glad you liked it Tracy! I really enjoyed listing to AB Sheen talk aobut it.