Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wasted Suffering

Agony in the Garden
Shared by Sue of Half the Kingdom
Wasn't it Bishop Fulton Sheen who lamented what he called wasted suffering. Years ago I remember a letter from a lady who was in constant pain. Searing pain. I wanted so much to reach out and help her. But I couldn't. I prayed for her, of course. I prayed that Jesus would grant her relief. At the end, I asked her to offer up her pain as "a gift of love," for her sins and the sins of loved ones. I received a scolding for my suggestions. A lady who read the letter said in effect, the woman is asking for relief from her pain and you are asking her to "offer it up." "That won't help her; she won't understand." The lady who made the comment didn't understand. I wanted more than anything that Jesus would heal her pain. But I wanted, too, that she not "waste" her suffering. Was that heartless? Was I being cruel? I hope not. All of us "stormed heaven" on behalf of the suffering one. I just wanted her to remember that her pain had enormous value - - if she gave it to Jesus as a "gift." And He in turn might will that gift toward her perfection...
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