Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Organizing Books is Hard Work

BooksBehind my computer desk I have two large wooden book cases. They are specifically there to keep our Catholic books handy. However, whenever I need a book, I can't seem to locate it.

With yesterday's delivery of the new books, I thought it was time to organize our books. I took all the books down and placed them in piles on the floor: woman saints, men saints, popes, Pope JPII, Sisters, Priests, Catholic teaching, children, etc., etc., etc.

In the midst of this organization I called Father Duffy to see how he was doing. He asked me what I was up to and I told him, organizing books. He advised that I sell them.

My husband came home a little after that. He too asked me what I was doing. "Organizing books" I told him. He also advised me to sell them. I could probably make good money he added.

Well, I don't know about you but I couldn't part with my collection of books. Maybe someday I will but not now.

Tomorrow, Joey gets to alphabetize them. I did find a duplicate or two but now I can't remember which it was.


Jean Heimann said...


I can definitely relate to this. With each set of new books I get I do the same.
I am always removing books when I write, so keeping them organized seems to be a never - ending battle.

I, too, have mine separated according to category, but I 'm getting so many, I think I need the Dewey Decimal System. To me,selling a book is like selling a pet - unless its something that someone gave me and I really don't care for it.

Easter Almuena said...

HA HA HA... you are funny, Esther. This doesn't surprise me.:-) And good luck to Joey!:-)
Love you!

EC Gefroh said...

LOL! I am so glad I'm not alone Jean. I was going to put down about the pet remark but I thought that was going to far but that's the way I feel :-)

:-) Easter, I bet it's the same at your home.

Michele said...

you ought to see our books.. hundreds of them. when we move, its over 15 boxes of books. very big boxes that is.. imagine having to sort through all of that.. or dusting behind all those books.. 99% of those books are my mans books!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Esther, I have that conversation with my husband. He uses the oxymoronic phrase 'too many books'.

EC Gefroh said...

DM, I got such a sinus headache from all the dust I inhaled yesterday :-)

Mum: LOL :-)

Sarah Reinhard said...

Sell your books?!?!? BLASPHEMY!!!

There's so much fun to be had in organizing them...though I hope you haven't gone cross-eyed and that Joey doesn't lose heart! :)

EC Gefroh said...

Actually, it is a lot of fun to organize Sarah. I worked on my classic books and next I have to do my popular fiction books :-)