Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Age Rosaries



My friend Sue shared the following email with me:

One of the things I must mention is that there are now going around in the world, plastic new age rosaries in white, blue and pink. I had no idea about them until this was mentioned on the trip. Upon arriving home I went through my own collection of plastic rosaries and found 2 that had a snake wrapped above Jesus' head with the mouth just besides his face. Also, no INRI sign and I think it's pentagons that surround each point. On the back, are also puncture marks of some kind on the cross? If you've never seen any, refer to the picture attached. Please remind everyone to look carefully for these. Maybe you are already aware but it would be a good idea to tell Catholics what is now happening. One priest said it would be OK once it's blessed but another priest, whom I trust explicitly and who is a Marian priest said even though it may be blessed, it has not been exorcised and evil may still persist........ Yvonne


These rosaries have appeared on sale at pilgrimage centres across Europe and are in most cases are given away for FREE. They are made from cheap plastic and come in white, blue or pink, stamped as having been made in Italy, yet no one knows who has produced them. Since they are available at places of pilgrimage this makes people automatically think they are fine to use. Information regarding the danger of these rosaries was given at the Marian Cenacle in Limoges, France on 14th March 2005.

Why are they considered New Age?

They are considered New Age due to their symbolism which is not too easy to see except by close inspection of the crucifix, which shows a very sinister story. Behind the figure of Christ there can be seen a caduceus, which is an upright pole, representing mediation between Heaven and earth. It is an ancient herald's wand which was carried by messenger gods like Hermes or Mercury. The rod is also a divining rod to measure the earth and it's energies of power. The serpent Satan is shown behind the figure of Christ and is depicted by a coiled serpent which means latent power, concealed but not yet fully manifest, a dormant power. It may also represent to Satanists that the devil is co messianic, co redeemer and co Christ etc. The circles on the crucifix are from Egyptian Graeco-Roman, Phoencian, Baal symbols called the Pentagram, which is a major occult sign. The circles or pentagrams have five points, which represent, spirit, fire, earth, water and air. The pentagram at the bottom is upside down represents the devils goat. The four circles with dots in the centre signifies gold or the sun in alchemy. In general the meaning is "The resolution of all possibilities." Christ does not share any platform with any other god, philosophy or belief system or minor deity least of all Satan. The depiction of Christ on the cross is the most prominent place of worship, adoration, veneration, glorification, for Catholics and many other Christians and now Satanists or 'new agers,' have placed Satan along side Christ. Some have even said that if these rosaries are blessed, they loose any negative power, - and what do you think? There is some debate going on about this at the moment.

Does anyone really want to pray on a rosary that depicts Satan? What we need to be asking ourselves who has made these rosaries with these symbols that should not be there.!!

I do not know the original source for the above information. I am just sharing it just in case.


Jean M. Heimann said...

Wow! This was educational! I didn't know there was such a thing!

Micki said...

How sad. Who would ever have thought that the day would come that our dear Mother's Rosary would cause us to worry about "its" background message.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Esther said...

Jean and Micki, Sue, the lady who shared the email, send another one email. Apparently someone wants her to retract the warning because they think a rosary, is a rosary is a rosary.

Lana said...

Thank you so much for this warning! I have one of these and will immediately get rid of it!!! It never occured to me to watch for anything like this. Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will prevail!!!

Anonymous said...

I have some of these rosaries too, and I am concerned, but can anyone prove this? I have scanned and enlarged them, looked at them under a magnifying glass, and quite frankly, they are of such poor quality that you simply can't tell if what is purported to be represented on them is true. They could just be a poor design and the victim of an over zealous imagination.
Please help by finding out if this is legitimate. If it is I am eager to get rid of my own. All people do by raising such things without proof is to cause confusion.
What if it's not real, and you've just chucked a blessed object in the bin? Satan would love that.
If the accusations really unsettle you, and no one can actually proove them right or wrong, then ask a priest how you can dispose of the rosaries in a lawful manner. I think burning them and scattering the ashes is allowed, but for goodness sake check it out.
Please guys, be careful of what you believe out there.

Anonymous said...

Hi friends,

I did receive the same e-mail from a known friend of mine here in the Middle East and after going through, I seached in the net for more details and that's how I am here.

I have the following opinions :

1) Don't beleive the e-mail rumours until the Church gives an official clarification.

2) No other power can stand against the power of a blessed Rosary.

3) I checked my pocket, I have the same kind of plastic rosary. I think its just a design. Nothing more to it. Very illegible too.

4) Even IF the design is evil intended, I firmly belive the amount of rosaries recited could keep the rosary Holy.

5) As someone said THE ROSARY IS A ROSARY. So do not stop instead PRAY MORE.

Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

- Robert

Anonymous said...

Bad advice Robert! You might want to read a handful of books by "real" exorcists.

Our Lady stands on the head of the serpent yet here we have the serpent taking the place of INRI and is above Jesus, who is the HEAD, appearing to try and take the place of this HEAD, who is Christ.

Almost all of these plastic rosaries are made in China. That says a lot right there.

Saying that a rosary is a rosary is a rosary is like saying that a Mass is a Mass is a Mass. A priest can consecrate at a Black Mass if he so desires. But since it is a Mass and Jesus is truly present, will you attend that too? After all, it is a Mass. Just some food for thought.

I highly suggest that one burn anything such as this. Go to your parish religious goods store and get a rosary with a metal crucifix on it . They are not that expensive, and although Our Lady is very humble, she is worth a lot more than plastic. Just look at her statues at the vatican and in Fatima. do you see plastic crowns on her head? Not at all, she is Queen and should be treated as such.

Whoever the priest was that said just to have these rosaries blessed......well, he is wrong!

concerned catholic said...

ive found a few of these kind of rosaries all the way here in Fiji. it is no clear what the symbols are on the pink and black rosaries except for the blue ones.
its amazing what people are trying to do to discredit the rosaries, which are supposed to protect us. god bless us all. what is this world coming to?

Esther said...

Mahalo Concerned Catholic. We need to pray to Our Lady with more fervor.

Nora said...

Praying with those rosary beads do not mean that one is worshipping Satan. It isn't really a serpent at all, if you look closely, it's pretty much like the plant with thorns near the place of the crucifiction. Also, these rosary beads are just BEADS. Your prayer of the rosary is still in you; you shouldn't worry about that.

Anonymous said...

we have a pink plastic rosary, but i dont really know if it's one of those new age ones. it doesen't have a snake on it, it has the "INRI" sign. It's also said that behind mary it's supposed to be satan or something i think, on mine it's like mary and jesus I think. the rosary doesn't look like the one on the picture, it has a differnt shape kinda. is there anything else I should check out?

Esther said...

A., your rosary doesn't sound at all like the one mentioned.

gerald said...

For all who doesn't believe in false rosary , well its up to you. God never forced you to neglect the false rosary. It's up to you , but remember , the original rosary is pure , no beautiful design needed to decorate the rosary. You who accept false rosary should refer to the bible how Jesus crucified :
1) His cross is just like that.
2) The word INRI placed on top.
3) No plants or thorn hanging around the cross.
4) No serpent came towards Jesus.

So friends , lets think about this. Even in our state in Sabah in Malaysia , in our Catholic state news , this things are occured this year 2008. Please open your heart. Don't be a slave for Satan. Because Satan can do anything! Get a pure rosary. Not a cult rosary. Please in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Before it's too late!

Esther said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment Gerald.

Hope said...

One of my friends told me about this. I looked through all my rosaries and found one. My friend said to dispose of it, I must cut off the cross and throw it in the trash. Right after that I must read Psalms 91. I'm not sure that this would be a proper disposaln for the rosary. Does anyone know any other types of disposal?

(p.s I'm a little scared to burn it, where would I put the ashes? I certainly don't want to keep it.)

Esther said...

Hope, why don't you ask your priest what to do. I have heard so much pros and cons on what the Rosary really stands for that I think we need to ask for spiritual direction on this.

Hope said...

I guess that would make sense...
Thank you Esther.
May God bless you!

Esther said...

Thanks Hope. God bless you too.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

For anyone that is sitting here saying things of this nature do not matter you are only fooling yourselves. If you have one of these fakes get rid of it. A rosary should only a cross with Jesus on it period. Nothing else. It should not have any goofy looking symbols. You could also just use your fingers... 10 fingers ten Hail Marys! May the devil burn in hell... because he is a jerk!

milagres pereira said...

Somebody gave me one to show that it is new age. This one opens up at the joint(ie, the three Hail Mary beads with the crucifix and the five decade beads join at the meadal) and thus the rosary becomes a single thread. Try it and check yours. I ask why all the previous rosaries would not open up. The devil is always up to tricks.
May sound discernment prevail.
Goa India.

Brenda said...

It's October 2009 now. Please give an update on the new age rosary warning. Do we still need to pass the warning on?

Esther G. said...

Brenda, I do not have any further information.

Anonymous said...

maybe it is the false prophet just like the prophecy

Anonymous said...

i wonder why no priest has commented

Esther G. said...

I don't know.

Gareth Leyshon said...

Hi! I'm a Catholic priest and I'm happy to comment.

Rather than answer here, please refer to

I wouldn't worry about the puncture marks and the fact it comes apart in the middle. Suppose you had a great love for Our Lady and wanted to be able to give away as many rosaries as possible? By making as many as cheaply as possible. Which might be best done by moulding plastic beads on an nylon string, and at the end of the string putting a piece that will clip-fit on to the join between the preliminary prayers and the decades. You might also find that some small holes or dots are left on the back of the crucifix because of the way the plastic mould is held in position or the molten plastic poured in through a nozzle. Suddenly, the mystery might be solved! (But I'm not an expert in plastic moulding technology.)


Fr Gareth Leyshon

Esther G. said...

Father, thank you so much for taking the time to explain. It makes good sense. God bless,

Anonymous said...

In a nut shell here is my experience.

About two months ago I started using this rosary and now when I think about it, I had the following issues:

o I had a huge struggle with my morning and evening prayers.
o I stopped journaling with Our Lord.
o I used to attend morning mass on a regular basis and when I missed it, it was like a day without sunshine. Now, I was finding all sorts of excuses not to go to Mass.
o I would fall asleep saying the rosary – this never happened with my other beads.
o I started to doubt myself.
o My home had a heavy feeling about it.

I found the more I used this rosary the more I became fascinated with it especially when it glowed in the dark – I kept holding it up and admiring it. Not so with my other beautiful rosaries and I do have some beautiful ones.

After receiving the email about the New Age rosaries & inspected all the rosaries I had and lo and behold the luminous glow-in-the-dark rosary which I was so fascinated with and which I had been praying with, was a New Age rosary. There were the tell-tale pentagons, the snake wrapped around the crucifix and no ‘INRI” at the head of Our Lord.

I had heard about these rosaries before but someone had said that once the rosary had been blessed you could use it .. apparently not so. So I decided to bury this rosary on holy ground.

Our home has a light feeling once again. I am back at morning Mass. Once again I am faithful to the Hours of the Office and I am journaling with my Lord.

This He revealed to me today after I asked Him about it.

“Daughter. How do you feel since you buried this trinket. See you are once more at peace so this should tell you more. The evil one has subtle ways of getting in one’s way. He lets you believe that what you are doing - using is okay. But think about it. If an altar is desecrated it cannot be used again unless a Bishop has re-consecrated it. Imagine a trinket that has been blessed then desecrated but no one knows. Let your spirit be guided by My Spirit. Pray about things – I will guide you. If you are at peace then it comes from me but if not, search your heart.”

Some of you might say that the Lord is with holding His consolation – but I have also experienced that and these events were not the same.

I am sharing this with you with hope that if you are struggling at the moment be aware.

Esther G. said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with that rosary.

Anonymous said...

One thing I didnt see mentioned about the symbols in these rosaries is the 'demon/bat head.' I have seen these clearly. I admit the other things can be explained away, or are not very visible, but I have seen fro myself, on each of the 4 points of the cross, a demon head, or a bat head (not both, its hard to say which it is.) And I have seen the crosses which have circles with indents in the center of them which would cover up these heads. But if you look at the circles, you can see 'ears' or 'horns' coming up in two places around each circle. in other words, the head is there, but the circle is imprinted on top of it.

I dont see how anyone can explain away these faces which look evil, they are certainly not angels or the Gospel writers.

Another thing to consider, is maybe these are just pictures with no real power, or that the power of God, through a person with strong faith, is stronger than any symbols or images. Perhaps the only power these have are to make us panic and throw out good rosaries in fear of possessing an 'evil' one.

Also, i spoke of the faith of the user, these could have a negative influence in the hands of our children, or those just coming to the faith.

Yes, i am playing both sides of caution here, I dont know what do say about these. The images are there, whether you have a blurry image or not, consult your bishops. let's see if we cant get Rome to come out with a statement.

Esther G. said...

Thank you Steven for your comment.

Monica said...

Thanks for posting this. I went to The Catholic Company website and they carry these demonic rosaries. I sent them a message via Facebook, with a video, but they may just think I'm a fanatic unless others also alert them. The Catholic Company is just one Catholic supplier. I bet there are hundreds that carry these "rosaries." We need to get the word out there. This is spiritually dangerous!