Monday, June 04, 2007

Catholic YouTube? Summer Project

Travis of Boudreaux' Blurbs has nicely organized many Catholic videos that can be found on YouTube

If you come across others, perhaps you'd like to share them with him.

Correction: I must have been reading Travis' post a little too early this morning. I didn't realize it was a summer project that PhatCatholic is promoting. So, please share your favorite Catholic video in the comment section of that blog. Thanks Travis for the clarification.

The following is from his blog:
Yup. Let's do it. Let's scour YouTube and Google Videos and find EVERY SINGLE video that is faithfully Catholic. Are you ready? I hope so because I need your help.

This post will be home base for the YouTube Summer Project. As you find good, solid, orthodox, Catholic videos on YouTube or Google Videos, leave a comment providing the title of the video and a link to it. As new videos are provided, I will add them to the list. Before you submit your video, check the list and make sure it has not already been submitted. I'll provide a link to this post (either at the top of my blog or in the sidebar) so that this will always be easy to come back to. Right now, I don't know how else to organize this effort, but if anyone has a better idea just let me know.

I reserve the right to reject a submission or to delete a video from the list without giving you a reason. You reserve the right to help me fill a much-needed niche for the online Catholic community. Once we have a more or less comrehensive list, I'll make a website where all of these videos will be embedded and categorized by topic (as far as I know, this is legal, although I could be wrong).

Spread the word about this project. Anyone can help, you just have to be loyal to the Catholic Church. This can be an awesome thing, as long as we don't lose steam.

Pax Christi, and Good Luck!


Travis said...

Thanks for the post, but don't forget to mention PhatCatholic :D ... its his summer YouTube project that got the idea going in my head.

frjim said...

the best catholic videos and ipod information for me comes from the the website.

daily breakfast with fr. roderick is wonderful!
their catholic videos appeal to all types.
there is office of readings, mass readings, music, prayer, etc.

and most importantly: it is entirely catholic.

fr. jim t

Esther said...

Will do Travis.

Fr. Jim: Thank you! Wonderful site.