Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Thought to Ponder - Loving Our Neighbor

Sue shared this from Suicide of the West's Blog post "What if No One Cared About You"
Of all the sufferings in the world, I’ve always thought that loneliness must be one of the most brutal. We spring from the womb craving human love and contact. Giving and receiving love is the emotional staple of our existence. To be deprived of it, especially later in life, is an unimaginable grief.

Pity, then, Vincenzo Ricardo, of Hampton Bays, New York, who was found dead in his home this week. A neighbor had called the police to complain about a busted water pipe at the Ricardo house. When police entered, they found Vincenzo dead, sitting in a chair in front of a blaring television. After an autopsy, it was determined that he had been dead for over one year. In all that time, no one had expressed any interest or made any inquiries. Imagine that. A person so alone in the world that he could be dead for a year, and no one noticed. The only possible grace is that the year he spent dead was likely less tortuous than some of the years he spent alive.
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Is it any wonder that God gives us two of the greatest commandments to follow: Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself.

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