Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fr. Joe Whalen and St. Raphael's Healing Oil

Fr. Joe Whalen

Approximately three years ago I was visiting my parents in New Jersey. The phone rang and I picked it. It was a priest, Father Joseph Whalen returning my mother's call. Not much more thought was given by me because it was not unusual for my mom to receive calls from priests or religious.

Afterwards, my mom showed me a copy of Medjugordje Magazine featuring the amazing story of a late vocation priest. That is Fr. Joe. His ministry now is in making, blessing and distributing St. Raphael's Healing Oil to those who request it.

The other day, I decided to offer our little vial of the healing oil which is as you know a sacramental, to one of our friends who is suffering from cancer. He was so happy to receive it! I explained to him that it was not to be used as something magical but as I mentioned above, a sacramental. Even though he is not a practicing Catholic, he understood. I am still in awe of his faith.

Well, that left our family without the healing oil. I emailed Fr. Joe and told him to pray for our friend Phillip and to please send me another vial of the healing oil.

As a side note, a year ago, a lady who used to be a good friend of mine was suddenly taken to the hospital with severe stomach pains. The doctors had no idea what was causing it. When I went to the emergency room to see her I brought along the vial of the healing oil. Another friend of ours and I blessed her with the holy oil and also recited the prayers that accompany the oil. Well, it turned out that the stomach pain was nothing life threatening. However, the doctors did discover cancer of the kidneys. My friend had surgery and she was healed from the cancer. All of us owe a big debt of gratitude to the healing powers of the holy oil and of course to God.

Back to my story, I received a note in response stating that they were two weeks behind in mailing the holy oil. However, in a few days, I received the oil! Not only one vial, but two!! How kind of Fr. Joe to send me more in case another friend was in need of them.

The following was in the email I received from Fr. Joe's assistant:
We do not sell the holy oil, it is available to all and many who cannot afford a donation. Those that do contribute make it possible for us to send to the poor and cover all of our operating expenses, postage, materials etc...(US funds only)you may send it after you receive your packet, Fr. Joe's name and address will be on the envelope.
Please tell him in your letter that you received your holy oil.
So however the Holy Spirit moves you...your Love offering will be gratefully appreciated.

To read a little more on Fr. Joe, click Here and Here

If you would like to request your own vial of St. Raphael's Healing oil, you can contact Fr. Joe Whalen at the following:

Fr. Joe Whalen, M.S.
Missionaries of LaSalette
St. James Church
12 Franklin Street
Danielson, CT 06239


ukok said...

What an incredible post. This healing oil sounds amazing!

Fr. Joe sounds lika a great priest :-)

Esther said...

I hope you ask for some Deb. I don't know if Fr. ships overseas though...

Anonymous said...

He does ship overseas. I got my bottle today :)

Esther G. said...

That is good to know. Thank you!