Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Pro-Death Feminist's Choice

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am currently reading 100 People...by Bernard Goldberg. For the most part, I am reading it because Mr. Goldberg is a very amusing writer and I wanted to see who we are to blame for the country spiraling out of control in some respects. But there was one story on his list that made my blood run cold. It was so heinous that I had to share it with you.

#63 on Bernard Goldberg's list of people "screwing up" America is one Amy Richards. To be honest, before reading about her in the book, I was not familiar with her.

After reading about her, I can understand why she was chosen to be listed in the aforementioned book. Her sordid little story is about her and her boyfriend becoming expectant parents. She finds out that she is in fact pregnant with three babies (or fetuses) as "they" like to call them. But let me not go any further. Why don't you read the rest for yourself.



Tito said...

May God have mercy on her decrepit soul.

Leticia said...

How sad that she didn't love Peter enough to marry him and allow him to help her through the pregnancy. He was right about making 2 little heartbeats disappear.
I spent half of my third pregnancy on bed rest, and it's impossible to do it alone.
It just shows how the sin of living without marriage leads to the sin of abortion. What an awful world we have created for ourselves!

Tito said...


"they have created for themselves"


EC Gefroh said...

Tito and Leticia, I just felt so outraged that these two little souls had to die at the hands of their selfish mother who didn't love them enough to protect them.

Tracy said...

How nauseating. "I could not have triplets," "I would have to give up..." "I would have to shop at Costco." Me, me, me, I, I, I. How about this:

THEY will never be able to have children, period!
THEY will never have anything to give up!
THEY will never be able to shop anywhere, to have their own jobs, their own families, their own triumphs, their own heartbreaks, their own LIVES!

I hope her surviving kid manages to grow up with a respect for human dignity, or one day she might find poison being injected into her own frozen heart.