Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Nativity Story - Revisited

Today, I've noticed a growing number of Catholics speaking out against the movie The Nativity Story. One friend send me an email she received from a Catholic group (whose name I will not mention) going so far as calling it "anti-Catholic" and "heretical".

My son and I spent an hour this morning refuting the harsh condemnation given by fellow Catholics. In essence, we reminded them that the movie was not made by Catholics for Catholics, but was made to reach a wider audience. As Father Fox stated " least Hollywood recognizes the value in giving some
recognition to Christianity in the public square..."

I would like to direct your attention to
Fr. Robert Fox's blog because Father Fox is a renowned Marian priest. It is a fair critique of this movie.


Anonymous said...


I am amazed at how much controversy and hostility this movie has caused amongst Catholic circles! We DID see it, 1-to encourage Hollywwod that we want more movies like this and 2-because it's a wonderful story.

No it's not Catholic, but it's not the "anti-Christ" either as I've seen in some very hostile reviews. One lady said she couldn't imagine how the Vatican and bishops could possibly endorse this movie, and she would NOT be going to see it because of a couple of negative comments by lay ppl.

So let me get this straight...ppl will take the word over a "holier than the pope" layperson over the Vatican? Aren't we supposed to trust the Vatican?

Not all Catholics imagine the same picture in their minds while praying the Rosary, why should we expect that the entire Nativity story would be done exactly how I think it should? One commenter wwas upset because *GASP* the angel had afro looking hair! Who cares? Do you know exactly how Gabriel looks?!

Like the priest said, walk away celebrating that someone made this movie and don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

And if Mel would make that movie about awesome would that be?

My 2 cents, but I'm just sad that a story about the holy family has caused so much anger and division.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

PS- I think a lot more good will come from this to the general public than any cons of it not focused on a sinless Mary. Good Catholics understand this about Mary, and love for her won't change because the movie was trying to relate to a teen crowd. At least my kid is watching this movie and not something really horrible...and we all know there's plenty of that!

Can you tell this has been on my heart this week?

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of some of the people in St. Blog's being so danged sensitive that they cannot give credit to anyone for making a movie about the Nativity that isn't perfectly Catholic. They honor Mary, make her obviously different than anyone else, and that isn't enough.

I wonder if they also boycott "Jesus of Nazareth" because Mary obviously goes through labor pains in that, too.

Sheesh, people...Protestants are Christians, too. And a lot of them love the Lord very much and want to give glory and honor to Him however they can. Is your carping on tiny theological points like this going to help bring unity to the Church, or are you just chiseling away on your side of the big wall?

This kind of attitude is forcing me to delete some otherwise good blogs from my blogroll. I'm tired of the "Protestants aren't really Christians" attitude that mirrors some of the more rabid Evangelicals I've known.

Cy said...

I saw the movie with some of the most beautiful Catholics I know and I'm glad I went. To fully appreciate this movie, I recommend purchasing The Nativity Story, Film Guide for Catholics. It is an awesome guide for group discussions! Our group has met twice this Advent and how it has enriched our lives in anticipation of Christ's joyful birth! We all look forward to attending it.

The story guide was written by Rose Pacatte, FSP, who was present at the movie set while movie was being filmed along with other prominent writers who are either Catholic or Protestant. Copies are available at all Pauline Books and Media.

A joyful Advent to all!

EC Gefroh said...

Ladies, I am glad to see that you feel the same way I do. I was beginning to doubt myself because I was thinking I didn't see the bad things. I must admit the painful birth scene was troublesome but I realized hey, it's a movie and movie people like to dramatize.

Easter and I are presently meeting with a group to discuss the movie and doing a little Bible study using the guide she mentioned. I leave these meetings filled with the Holy Spirit. That is God at work. That little movie has certainly helped me grow a little more spiritually this Advent.

Anonymous said...

People have to start realizing that Mary had to gradually come to grips with the supernatural plan that God had for her. Growing in faith is not a sin! Understanding more as you go is not a sin! Why else would the Angel give her a sign she didn't even ask for (Elisabeth being pregnant as well)? Actually, Mary's faith is displayed by the fact that she leaves home to go and check it out. Mary is beautifully portrayed in this movie. It does not jeopardize her perpetual virginity, nor sinlessness!

Please Catholics, wake up to the fact that Mary, although without sin, wasn't glorified, assumed, nor crowned at that point. She was a real human being with an amazing faith in God.

I can't believe that Catholics for "reasons of orthodoxy" are boycotting this gift from God himself.

EC Gefroh said...

Thanks for your comments Rob. You made a good point.