Monday, December 04, 2006

Eucharistic Quote

Blessed Sacrament
H/T to Sue

For in the supper of my passion I gave you My Body and Blood to be eaten and drunk; and so now you may do the same on the altar in memory of Me. Therefore I unfold the truth and say to you, my faithful followers: I will not again drink this cup of anguish in this oppression I now suffer from the Jews until that day when I rise from the dead and death is overthrown, and I bring in the day of salvation. Then I will drink with you the cup of your redemption and show you who are Mine your new reason for rejoicing: that the perdition of the ancient crime is taken away, and the kingdom that My Father has prepared for those who love Him is opened to you.

What does this mean? That by My death, which I suffered on the cross, you will know the salvation of souls; and when I ascend after My Resurrection, you will receive the Spirit, the Comforter, and you will newly understand true doctrine. And then for My name's sake you will endure many tribulations, and I will endure them with you; not because I will suffer any miseries in the body after this, as I did when I was in the world in the body, but because you will endure them in My name. Therefore I will endure them with you, since you are
in Me and I am in you. ~ St. Hildegard

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