Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Holy Family H/T to my friend Melissa.


BLESSED ARE MARRIED COUPLES WHO COMFORT EACH OTHER -- who provide a refuge and sanctuary from the chill winds of the world; whose marriage is a hearth from which comes peace, harmony, and warmth of soul and spirit.

BLESSED ARE MARRIED COUPLES WHO LISTEN TO EACH OTHER -- who listen to not only words, but non-verbal language of tone and expression; who listen to understand rather than to argue.

BLESSED ARE MARRIED COUPLES WHO SHOW AFFECTION -- who warm each other with their soothing touch; who remember that just as babies can die from lack of affection, so can marriages wither from a lack of closeness.

BLESSED ARE MARRIED COUPLES WHO RESPECT EACH OTHER -- who remember that the most important quality in marriage is to HONOR each other.

BLESSED ARE MARRIED COUPLES WHO CAN BE FRIENDS AND PARTNERS -- who remember that friendship can be a peaceful island, in a world of turmoil and strife; who can reflect upon the tranquility of future years shared with a true friend; who are not battling enemies under the same roof.

BLESSED ARE MARRIED COUPLES WHO ALLOW EACH OTHER TO BE UNIQUE -- who do not seek to force each other into a new mold that can only fit with much pain and discomfort; who accept the other as God made us.

BLESSED ARE MARRIED COUPLES WHO ARE OPEN WITH EACH OTHER -- who avoid secretness that causes suspicion and doubt; who trust and reveal themselves to each other even as a budding rose opens to reveal its beauty and fragrance.

BLESSED ARE MARRIED COUPLES WHO CHERISH THEIR UNION -- who let no one separate their togetherness, not another person, nor friend, nor worldly possessions.

BLESSED ARE MARRIED COUPLES WHO GIVE EACH OTHER APPROVAL -- who see that compliments encourage confidence in the other, while criticism divides; who do not point out the other's mistakes, for all too soon each will discover their own faults.

BLESSED ARE MARRIED COUPLES WHO LOVE ONE ANOTHER -- love is the river of life -- an eternal source of recreating one's self and each other. Above all else -- LOVE ONE ANOTHER, AS CHRIST HAS LOVED US.

Used with permission
Beatitudes of Marriage

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