Saturday, July 22, 2006

You Know You're a Catholic Nerd When...

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Catholc Nerd Blog

Okay, I have to admit to you that this blog is just my all-time favorite. Too bad it hasn't been updated in a while.

However, I have found other sources that list more indications of being a Catholic Nerd. One place is
Catholic Answers Forum The following are some of my favorites. Please feel free to add to the list.

..your biggest turn on is a man wearing a scapular! know what things Father Hardon says every Catholic should have on them at all times. Actually you get Catholic Nerd status just by knowing who Father Hardon is. feel guilty for missing daily Mass. have a special place for all of your religious art overflow, since there are only so many images of the Virgin Mary one room can handle.

... you get momentarily confused when you hear the word "discernment" referring to something besides trying to determine God's will. know which Eucharistic prayer is being used in 5 words or less.

...BVM and OLOG mean something to you. pick dates for significant events by looking up feast days. have more pictures of saints than of relatives on your walls.

...the only reading material you bring with you on a plane trip is Love and Responsibility by Karol Wojtyla and Triumph: The Power and Glory of the Catholic Church- A 2000 Year History by H.W. Crocker III

...when problems at work (or in life in general) get out of hand, you go looking for a good novena.

...somebody tells you they want to be a saint and you take them seriously.

...your daily planner is a "Liturgical Desk Calendar."

...when getting lost while driving, you don't get mad, you say, "well, at least we got to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet." have images of saints or Jesus stuck to your dash board, or your visor, or hanging from your rear view mirror. own one or more t-shirts that reference the Eucharist, the pope, the Rosary, Confession, or all of the above.

...your children can pronounce and define hypo-static union, ditto for transubstantiation.

....your gauge your movie pix based on their ratings: A-I, A-II, A-III, A-IV and O.

...your emergency kit contains not just duct tape and food bars, but a bottle of holy water, rosaries all around, and medals and prayer cards.

...knowing that a guy or girl goes to daily Mass is a big turn-on.

...the Angelus, rosary, Mass, and/or the liturgy of the hours makes a daily appearance in your life. stereotype people by their apostolate, i.e. Opus Dei, Regnum Christi, etc.

..."offer it up" is in your vocabulary (extra nerdiness if you add "for the good of the Mother Church") still sing "saved a wretch like me" and other un-PC lyrics (if you are actually singing you already knew you are an odd Catholic.) own one or more of the following, Witness to Hope, Canon Law, Daily Roman Missal, a Latin hymnal, Theology of the Body, the Suma, Confessions, Commentary of St. Jerome, an Ignatius Bible, Reed of God, This Tremendous Lover, umm well, I could spend the next hour cataloging my shelves on this blog, but I should get back to work, and I think you get the idea;) receive a invitation to dinner that warns you that it will violate your Friday fast, and so you may wish to choose an alternate fast for that day if you attend. and your friends break out a calendar, (one of the free ones that your Parish gives away) and go through it to see whose feast days are when. (I suppose if you are a true Catholic nerd, you would already know :) know the words to Tantum Ergo, Salve Regina, Ave Maria, Panis Angelicus, ____________ (fill in you favorite Latin Hymn)


catholicandgop said...

I was thinking the other day that more and more of my favorite people are priests. I questioned one of my friends "What does that say about me?". Maybe it says I'm a Catholic nerd...

EC Gefroh said...

ha ha. I think so too. That is how we are. Most of our good friends are priests and nuns :-)