Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today - St. Nicholas & Holy Souls in Purgatory prayer

Shared by Mary Jane.

Today is the feast of St. Nicholas of Tolentino, who had a great love for the Holy Souls. He would offer Mass, pray and do penance for them so they could more quickly enter Heaven. Because many Catholics have forgotten about the souls in Purgatory, except when November 2nd - All Souls Day - comes around, St. Nicholas can teach a valuable lesson.
Let us pray for our dearly departed loved ones today and ask St. Nicholas to remember them. Prayer is below.
Souls in Purgatory, animals, babies, boatmen, dying people, mariners, sailors, sick animals, watermen
Prayer to Saint Nicholas

O God, source of strength and courage,
you gave your beloved preacher,
Saint Nicholas of Tolentino,
the conviction of faith to the very end.
Grace us with the ability
to translate your teaching into action,
remain patient amid hardship,
serve the poor and those who suffer,
and live as your true and faithful
Saint Nicholas of Tolentino,  pray for us.

Prayer for the Deceased by Saint Nicholas

Lord, God of holiness and light.
You do not allow any shadow of darkness or evil in your sight,
and so in your mercy you grant to those who have left this world burdened with sin,
a time of purification, applying to them the spiritual treasurers of your holy Church.

Hear my prayer
and through the merits of Christ,
the Blessed Virgin, the saints,
and all your faithful people
bring to an end this time of waiting
for our beloved dead, especially _____.

In your providence
you have chosen Saint Nicholas
as a special intercessor
on behalf of the departed.
Hear also his fervent prayer for those whom I recommend to you through his intercession.  Amen.

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