Saturday, September 07, 2013

Another Ugandan Seminarian Shares his Call to the Priesthood

On August 13th, I shared the vocation story of Ugandan Seminarian Bruno T. You can read it HERE. His fellow seminarian Peter also shared his call to the priesthood. I have permission to share with my readers.

Adoration Chapel, Benedictine Monastery, Oahu 
My vocation to priesthood started when a priest visited our home and asked what I wanted to become in future. I told him I wanted to become a priest. And after my primary school, I joined the minor seminary in 2002 and still pursuing that dream.

My mother asked me where I wanted to go after my primary school. I told her I will just pass through the seminary. She replied to me those who enter the seminary go there with the intention of becoming priests.

When I finally joined the minor seminary in 2002, through the spiritual activities and recollections, my view about priesthood changed and I learnt that God was calling me to become a priest and work in his vineyard and am discerning that call everyday.

When I finished minor seminary in 2007, the following year I continued to the major seminary that was in Uganda Martyrs National Major Seminary Alokolum. I was there for three years up to May 2011.

From August 2011 up to the end of July 2012, I was for a year of Pastoral Spiritual formation in two parishes, six months in each. These parishes were Rwemisanga parish and Magoma parish. These parishes are all found in Hoima diocese where I come from.

After the year of Pastoral Spiritual formation, which was meant to help me experience the life priests live in parishes, I started my last phase of seminary formation at St. Paul's National Major Seminary Kinyamasika and so far I have finished one year.

Am now remaining with three years to become a Roman Catholic Priest. It is quite a long journey where I have come from, it has not been easy, but God has brought me this far. Its on this note that am requesting any person of good will to help me.
Peter and the other seminarians would have more time to concentrate on their priestly studies if they did not have to worry about how they will pay for their schooling fees and tuition.

You can help these young men become priests.  Any amount you can send to them is greatly appreciated.  The best way to send money to them is via Western Union.  It can be done online and I believe it only costs 5.00 per transaction.  For more information, please feel free to contact me.

Dear Virgin Mary,
Mother of our seminarians,
intercede for these fine young men.
May they find compassionate people
to help them obtain their calling to priests of
your Son.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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