Saturday, December 01, 2012

Marantha, Come Lord Jesus

Our Advent Wreath is ready.  We had a mishap with two of our candle holders so we had to make do with another set.  This year there is a tiny Christmas tree in the wreath and the four Advent candles are along side the wreath.  We have our copies of the Magnificat Advent Companion ready for our evening prayer readings.  These were generously provided by our church.  Tomorrow we will light the first candle and usher in the Advent season with a few resolutions:

1.  Make sure to eat dinner together at the table, as a family.  (Lately, everyone's schedule kept us from doing just that)
2.  Watch Father Robert Barron's Catholicism nightly as well as more of EWTN programming.
3.  Not stressing about the preparations, purchasing gifts, etc.  We refuse to lose sight of the beauty of Advent in the rush to get ready for Christmas.

This Advent it will be particularly busy for our family.  My husband and I are celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary, our son is graduating from the university, of course, and more importantly, our Lord is celebrating His birthday.

My family and I hope you and your family have a very blessed and joyful Advent with all the eager childhood anticipation which makes Christmas such a miraculous and blessed time.

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