Friday, October 26, 2012

healing through St. Martin De Porres' intercession

This old Peruvian holy card belonged to my dear father.
Mahalo Mary Jane!

During his life, St. Martin De Porres was a power intercessor for sick people whom he cared for; many were healed.

Last year, I prayed a novena to St Martin De Porres asking for his intercession for the constant pain above my right knee, lasting almost a year. My doctor did not provide relief, neither did the chiropractor.  Unless I stayed off of it or put ice on several times a day, the pain was there. During the time of praying the novena, I was seeing a physical/massage therapist.  As I entered the office for a weekly visit, she noticed the way I was walking. It was determined that one leg was one quarter of an inch shorter.  She prescribed a heel lift and the pain ceased!


Feast is November 3.  Start Friday Oct. 26, for 9 days in a row, say:

Saint Martin de Porres, 
your concern and charity embraced 
not only your needy brethren, 
but also the animals of the field.
You are a splendid example of charity; 
we thank and praise you. 
From above, 
hear the requests of your needy brethern.

(Mention your request here...)

By modelling our lives after yours, 
and imitating your virtues, 
may we live content knowing that 
God has looked favourably upon us. 
Because this is so, 
we can accept our burdens 
with strength and courage 
in order to follow 
in the footsteps of our Lord 
and the Blessed Mother.

May we reach the Kingdom of Heaven 
through the intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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