Monday, October 01, 2012

Feast of St. Therese the Little Flower

Statue of St. Therese and the Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus
St. Therese Co-Cathedral, Honolulu
Happy Feast Day!

One of the most popular posts I have on this blog is one where I questioned whether or not my prayers would be answered by St. Therese.  There were many people who shared their own questions or testimony on their prayers being answered. You can read the comments here at the St. Therese's Novena post from January 11, 2009.

Another thing I wanted to share is the post I posted at the Prayers for Our Pets blog. A friend to that blog shared photo links of the Martin Family's dog "Tom". You can see those photos here.

Also, I recently finished listening to A Story of a Soul on audio books. This is one book that should be read over and over again. It gives one such hope for becoming a saint!


(Patroness of Missionaries)

Dear Little Flower of Lisieux,
how wonderful was the short life you led.
Though cloistered, you went far and wide
through fervent prayers and great sufferings.
You obtained from God
untold helps and graces for his evangelists.
Help all missionaries in their work
and teach all of us to spread Christianity
in our own neighborhoods and family circles.

Prayer source:  New Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book

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