Thursday, August 09, 2012

Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Postulant Edith Stein
It was the custom for a postulant to wear a wedding gown.  Later the white silk was reworked into a vestment.

Perpetual profession document in Edith Stein's own handwriting
It was the custom in Carmel to place this document in the coffins of the deceased nuns.  However, Edith Stein's document was preserved.

"I am confident that the Lord has accepted my life for everyone.  I am reminded repeatedly of Queen Esther who was taken from her people precisely to stand before the king for the people.  I am a very poor and powerless Esther, but the King who has chosen me is eternally great and compassionate." - Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Source Edith Stein: Her Life in Photos and Documents by Maria Amata Neyer, O.C.D.


Tracy said...

Simply Beautiful!

Esther G. said...

This little book has so many wonderful photos of Edith Stein.