Saturday, January 28, 2012

St. Thomas Aquinas

"The Temptation of St. Thomas Aquinas" by Diego Velasquez

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"If we always remembered that God is present and that He sees all, we would never or almost never commit a sin." - St. Thomas Aquinas

Angelic Doctor, Saint Thomas, prince of theologians and model of philosophers,
bright ornament of the Christian world,
light of the Church and patron of all Catholic schools,
who didst learn wisdom without guile and dost communicate it
without envy,
pray for us to the Son of God who is Wisdom itself,
by, the coming of the Spirit of Wisdom upon us,
we may clearly understand that which thou didst teach, and,
by imitating thee,, may bring to
completion that which thou didst do;
that we may be made partakers both of thy doctrine and
thy holiness, whereby thou didst shine on earth even as the sun;
and finally, that we may enjoy with thee in heaven
for evermore the most delectable fruits of the same,
praising together with thee divine Wisdom through endless ages. Amen.

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helen tilston said...

Thank you for posting this
on St Thomas Aquinas

Esther G. said...

You're welcome, Helen!