Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Book by Anthony DeStefano - “I Just Can’t Take It Anymore!”

Anthony DeStafano

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One of my new favorite Catholic writers has a new book! I Just Can't Take it Anymore! is a delightful little book filled with amusing pictures. Yet, this powerful little book has a deeper message about how to handle the difficult times in our lives.

The press release for this book can be found here. Also, be sure to click here to read a sample page.

I really enjoyed reading the book. It also came at a good time because I needed to take a deep breath and remember what is really important. If you want to find the answer you may be looking for, you need to read the little book for yourself.

Which brings me to a little surprise...

Anthony DeStefano graciously offered one book to give away to one of my friends/readers of this blog.

So all you have to do is either leave a comment here letting me know you would like to entry the drawing for this book give-a-way or email me with the same message. My email can be found at the side bar.

The deadline for entering is January 31st.

I hope you win :-)


acadiANNA said...

I would like to enter into the drawing for Anthony Distefano's book. How very nice of him to offer this gift through your blog. Thank you for bringing so many important issues to our attention.

Esther G. said...

Your name is hereby added.
God bless, Anna,

Jean M. Heimann said...

I would love to win this book, Esther! It sounds like something I could take to bed with me and read a little each night to relax. Of course, I would pass it on to others who need it. But, I pray that the person who will most benefit from this book will win it.

Thanks for offering this special gift! :)

I will let others know about this drawing.

God bless you!

mary333 said...

I guess I got back online just in time :) "I Just Can't Take It Anymore" sounds right up my alley. Can't take any more unpacking that is (boring...yawn, yawn). Good thing I'm almost done! I missed visiting you and my other friends online, Esther. I hope you are doing well (and your family) (pup too, of course).

Please enter me in your drawing too!

On a side note: You wouldn't believe what my puppy did to my brand new carpeting! Not just his "business"...he actually unravelled a portion of it near my stairway. Yikes!! Glad yours is a little lady ;)

Esther G. said...

Jean, good idea to pray for the person who would benefit from it. BTW, you can actually read it in a few minutes. It is short but powerful.

Mary, so nice to see you back!! I've missed you very much!! I wish our dogs could meet. I had LOL when you mentioned my pup being a little lady. That little lady yells at me and nips at my heels if I don't take her out ASAP :-)

God bless you all!

mary333 said...

Keeping you on your toes, is she? Lol!

Michaela has a new kitten. Words fail me, Esther...the two (pup and kitten) are ganging up on me and teaching each other bad habits like pulling on the strings that raise blinds and shredding paper and rugs. I bet God thinks it's hilarious :) Me, on the other hand....

Esther G. said...

hahaha Mary! Aren't pets the best! Our pup tries very hard to be friends w/the cats. She can't stand her. One day they surrounded the dog. It was very funny! She had to be rescued by me :-)