Friday, July 29, 2011

St. Martha

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If ever there was a saint homemakers could relate to, it is St. Martha. Poor Martha! She must have spent the whole day cleaning and cooking in anticipation of Jesus' visit to their home. Then when He finally arrives, her sister Mary is so busy keeping Him company, that she does not even realize her sister Martha may need some help putting dinner on the table.

Martha, can no longer keep silent nor mask her annoyance at her sister's apparent inconsideration, but she also seems somewhat annoyed at her guest, Jesus!  As we know from that scriptural reading, she complains about the fact that He doesn't care that Mary has left her with all the work to do.  Jesus gently points out that she is "anxious and worried over many things".

Sad to say, I would probably have done the same thing as Martha.  I do find it endearing though that she and her family had such an intimacy with Jesus that she could talk to Him that way.

If you attend Mass daily, you will notice there are some busy-bees working prior to the sacrifice of the Holy Mass.  They are the ones who pick up litter in the Church, light the candles, prepare the altar, depose of dead flowers, etc.  Then there are the "early birds" who are sitting in their pews, totally focused on the Blessed Sacrament and oblivious to the aforementioned"busy-bees" around them. [Ha! birds and bees reference is totally coincidental).

Those are the Marthas and Marys of daily Mass.  They both do their duties with love for God and neither is looking for recognition.  If the Marthas were to need help from the Marys, I am sure they would immediately offer to help. 

I think we need to be both a Martha and a Mary.  Homemakers must fulfill their daily duties to their family yet it is also very important for them to spend uninterrupted time with Jesus.  He truly refreshes our soul.  Early Mass for these busy homemakers may just be the answer.

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