Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Blessings of Having a Large Family

I was blessed with growing up the eldest of 5 children. We are still extremely close to one another. They are the best brothers and sisters in the world and I am not just saying that. I sometimes feel sorry for our son, being an only child. But it was all in God's plan.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! This was hysterical. The lady narrating speaks in a monotone voice. It is sad that large families are not valued these days.

Esther G. said...

Yes, I didn't understand the monotone :-)

Mary333 said...

This video reminded me of the Dick and Jane books I read as a child:
Run, Jane, run!
See Jane run!
Go, Spot, go!
See Spot go :)

I come from a from a family with five children too and we are all very close. Like you, I sometimes feel sorry for my daughter having no brothers or sisters but I'm glad she at least has cousins she is very close to. I would have liked to have a larger family but I'm not complaining - I am so blessed to have her :)

Esther G. said...

Mary, I was reminded of the Dick and Jane books too! Looks like we have much in common :-)

Alexandra said...

Esther, God did indeed have a plan for you, and it included taking the extraordinary step of opening your home to child who needed you very much. God bless you. :)

Esther G. said...

Thank you Alexandra. I think we needed him as much as he needed us. God bless,