Monday, May 30, 2011

7 Common Holy Communion Abuses

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The following is from Courageous Priest.

Do You Commit One Of Theses 7 Common
Holy Communion Profanations

A Letter from The Cathedral Rector by Very Rev. Fr. John Lankeit, Rector, Ss. Simon & Jude Cathedral Phoenix, AZ January 30, 2011 to his parishioners...

Blessing oneself with the host before consuming it. (The act of blessing with the Eucharist is called “Benediction” and is reserved to clergy).

Receiving the host in the palm of the hand, contorting that same hand until the host is controlled by the fingers, then consuming it (resembling a one-handed “watch-the-coin-disappear” magic trick).

Popping the host into the mouth like a piece of popcorn.

Attempting to receive with other items in the hands, like a dirty Kleenex or a Rosary.

Receiving the host with dirty hands.

Receiving the host, closing the hand around it, then letting the hand fall to the side (as if carrying a suitcase) while walking away and/or blessing oneself with the other hand.

Walking away without consuming the host.

Giving the host to someone else after receiving (including animals)… yes, it happens

Unfortunately, as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion I have seen most of the above, especially the first one. I have also witnessed the last one. Shocking but true. Fortunately, the pastor took swift and appropriate action.


Therese said...

many people in our parish use to dip the host into the precious blood. It looks so tacky and is a grave abuse.

Our parish priest told people that if they wanted to receive from the chalise that the correct way was to take the challise, not to dip. It has stopped it except occasionally we still see someone do it.

Anne said...

This is very interesting! I have seen a woman break off part of the host and give it to her small child. What was the correct action that the pastor took when witnessing something like this, I wonder?

Esther G. said...

Therese, we were taught to cover the chalice with our hands when a person tried to do that. I believe that is referred to as tincture.

Anne, I have not witnessed that although I have heard of it occurring. As for Pastor, he had a talk with the individual.