Monday, May 02, 2011

John Paul II Tribute – Beatification Edition

Bl. Pope John Paul II

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From John-Paul of Pray More Novenas:  Be sure to visit and leave your own comments on our beloved Bl. Pope John Paul II

John Paul II has been a hero of mine for years. In fact, in case you didn't notice, I was named after him!

Do you remember when JPII died?

There were chants in St. Peter's square. Do you remember what they said?

"Santo Subito! Santo Subito!"

The faithful were calling for the Church to make John Paul the Great a Canonized Saint. Well, the Church is very careful about these things, but today marks a huge step forward.

Will you please join me today in giving thanks for such a great Pope?

I've set up a tribute page to JPII, but this is a different kind of tribute.

I want you to make the tribute. I want you to post your comments. I want you to reminisce about JPII. I want you to show your love for our Holy Father in heaven.

Click here to pay your respects in the comment box!

Not sure what to say? Here 4 things you can share...

    1.  Prayers for his Canonization
    2.  Thanks for his Papacy
    3.  Your favorite memories from his Pontificate
    4.  Any other thoughts you have about John Paul II

Please join me in thanking God for the beatification of John Paul the Great right here, right now!

God bless you!

   John-Paul Deddens -

P.S. I really want to hear your perspective on John Paul II. Say a prayer for the Pope and then pay your respects to JPII here.

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