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St. Josephine Bakhita

"Mary protected me even before I knew her!"

St. Josephine Bakhita is in the center of the group photo

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“Bakhita has left us a witness of evangelical reconciliation and forgiveness, which will surely bring consolation to the Christians of her homeland, the Sudan, so sorely tried by a conflict that has lasted many years and reaped so many victims. Sister Bakhita has been given to us by the Lord as a universal sister….” - Venerable Pope John Paul II at her canonization

Canossian Daughters of Charity
Saint Mother Josephine Margaret Fortunata Bakhita
c. 1869 - 1947
Southern Sudan - Italy
Died Age 78

According to Catholic author Ann Ball*, no one knows the exact date of Josephine Bakhita's birth because she was stolen away from her family and her country by Arab slave traders as a young girl.

*Modern Saints: Book Two by Ann Ball

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"If I were to meet the slave-traders who kidnapped me and even those who tortured me, I would kneel and kiss their hands, for if that did not happen, I would not be a Christian and Religious today…"

Quote source: The National Black Catholic Congress

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Other quotes by St. Josephine Bakhita also from the NBCC.

I have given everything to my Master: He will take care of me… The best thing for us is not what we consider best, but what the Lord wants of us!

I received the Sacrament of Baptism with such joy that only angels could describe…

O Lord, if I could fly to my people and tell them of your Goodness at the top of my voice: oh, how many souls would be won!

The Lord has loved me so much: we must love everyone… we must be compassionate!

I can truly say that it was a miracle I did not die, because the Lord has destined me for greater things…

When a person loves another dearly, he desires strongly to be close to the other: therefore, why be afraid to die? Death brings us to God!

O Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
we thank you for the gifts
of humility and charity
which you bestowed on
Saint Josephine Bakhita
Deign to glorify her
for her singular virtues
and grant the prayers
of those who invoke her,

St. Josephine Bakhita, pray for the Sudan!

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