Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lone Surviving Monk at Monastery of Tibihirine

Brother Jean-Pierre is an 88 year old monk in a monastery in Morocco. He is the only survivor left from the Monastery of Tibihirine which is the subject of the film by Xavier Beauvois, Des hommes et des dieux

You will recall that the film relates the events surrounding the killing and beheading of seven monks there in 1996...
I was reminded of Charles De Foucauld as I read Terry's blog post Talk With All, With Everyone

I will be remember Brother Jean-Pierre in my prayers.

Google Translation of the first part of the interview:

"How do you interpret the current tightening of some Muslims against Christians, including the recent attacks were a sign?

This comes from the extremists. True Muslims say, it is not us that. They are ashamed of what happened to the brothers. This is not "religion. " On the other hand, we do not know enough. It sees itself through violent and this creates a tendency to cluster between oneself and a fear of contact. The solution is to cultivate friendship, even if we can get rolling.


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