Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resolution Suggestions

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This morning before Mass, I sat praying for some ideas to improve my spiritual life.  Actually, I know very well the areas in my life that need improvement. Therefore, it was not too difficult to focus on those areas to tackle.

I am sharing the following because I think they are both good places to start in resolving to become better Christians.

The first one came from the Anchoress yesterday:

1. A 2011 Gift to Self & the World

"...For 2011, resolve to be here now, and to serve yourself, but do it in this most excellent way: by cultivating silence and overcoming time within one of the classic disciplines of daily prayer—where the pulse of the psalms calms the breath, the pockets of silence center the spirit, and the liturgical calendar frees us from the shackles of time...."

Secondly, my friend Father Gordon MacRae posted today about gossip.

2. Psst! Spread This Around – My New Year’s Resolution About Gossip

The bigger scandal in the Catholic Church is the way pop culture has drawn us into a climate of gossip and ruined reputations. Is it time to stem that tide?

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