Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Heroic priests deserve not to be left alone at the altar

HE ITALIAN alpine village of Villaretto was drowsing under its blanket of snow when, on January 26th, 1985, the parish priest hanged himself, just before the Saturday evening Mass. He left three farewell letters, one addressed to the altar servers. It read: “Be more friendly and generous with your next priest: do not leave him alone at the altar.”
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H/T to Deacon Greg

This article literally brought tears to my eyes. Be friendly to to every priest you come in contact with. Smile, and chat with them. Compliment their homily if you liked it. Keep quiet about it, if you did not. Ask them to your home for lunch or dinner with your family. Do not judge or criticize them. Recently at Mass, during the elevation of the Blessed Sacrament, I pray for that particular priest's intentions.

Pray for our priests

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