Thursday, July 22, 2010

On Judging Others

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In Spiritual Combat, Father Scupoli states very clearly Jesus' admonishment "Judge not, lest ye be judged." It seems very clear that when we judge others, we are also led to disparage, despise and lower the other person. This is caused by our self-conceit and pride. We are exalting ourselves by finding faults in  another person.

The devil makes sure we "detect, examine and exaggerate the deficiencies of others." He wants us to lose our souls and will try every means possible for that gain. In order to fight him we have to be vigilant and ever mindful of his wily ways.

Do not yield to his temptations. In other words, do not yield to our desire to judge others.

"Remember that the right to judge another is not yours and that, even if it had been entrusted to you, you would be incapable of exercising it with integrity, as you are encompassed by a thousand passions, and only too prone to think evil of another without just cause."

The next time you are tempted to judge someone say to yourself "How dare I, wretched being, buried in this very fault myself, and in far more grievous ones, lift up my head to see and judge the faults of others?"

"...every good and kindly feeling toward your neighbor is the work of the Holy Spirit; and that all disparagement, rash judgment, and bitterness against him owe their origin to the evil that is in ourselves and to the suggestions of the Devil."

- Spiritual Combat, Lorenzo Scupoli, Sophia Press

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