Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Venerable John Paul II - On Motherhood

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Today would have been Pope John Paul II's birthday. Since he shares his birth date with his (and our) beloved Blessed Mother of God, I thought I would share his thoughts on motherhood.
"Motherhood is woman's vocation.

It is an eternal vocation, and it is also a contemporary vocation. 'The Mother who understands everything and embraces each of us with her heart': These are he words of a song, sung by young people in Poland, which come into my mind at this moment. The song goes on to announce that today the world is particularly 'hungry and thirsty' for that motherhood, which is woman's vocation 'physically' and 'spiritually,' as it is Mary's.

Everything must be done in order that the dignity of this splendid vocation may not be broken in the inner life of a new generations; in order that the authority of the woman-mother may not be diminished in the family, social and public life, and in the whole of our civilization; in all u r contemporary legislations, in the organization of work, in publications, in the culture of everyday life, in education and in study: in every field of life."
- Vatican Address, January 10, 1979

- From the Wisdom of John Paul II

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