Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spiritual Combat: On Putting Our Trust in God : Sin

Photo by Esther G.

One of the books I am currently reading was written by a priest a long time ago. His name was Dom Lorenzo Scupoli and the book is Spiritual Combat. It is said that the book made such an impact on Saint Francis de Sales that he carried it around with him for eighteen years.

To me this book can be used as a step by step guide on achieving sanctity by being aware of our faults and overcoming them. To be able to make progress will take a huge effort on one's part. It is almost certain we will fall because of our human nature or lower Will as Dom Scupoli refers to it, overcoming the Divine Will. But we must remember to put all our trust in God and He will help us.

One section of the book deals with our sins. Dom Scupoli simply teaches that those who do not trust in God will run to their spiritual father (director) after realizing the gravity of their sins. But they do this more out of self-love than regret or sadness for offending God.
...For he who greatly distrusts himself and trusts in God is not surprised when he falls, nor does he become sad, bitter, and despondent, because he knows his fall is owing to his own weakness, and the little trust he has placed in God...

Those who trust in God will realize that God may have permitted us to fall into sin as a way to come to the realization we are putting too much trust in ourselves and not in God.  We soon realize, we do not have to strength alone to overcome the temptations which lead to sin.  We must trust in God.

...I wish that some persons who think themselves spiritual, who cannot, or will not, give themselves a moment's peace when they have committed a fault would well consider these things...although their first concern should be to be cleansed from the stain of their sins and to be fortified against temptation by the Most Holy Sacrament."

...The humble man knows no such experience, for his sole trust is in God. He places no reliance upon his own powers. When he falls into any fault, he is indeed sorry, but he is neither disquieted nor surprised , for he knows as the light of truth has clearly manifested to him, that the fall is the result of his own weakness and misery.

- Spiritual Combat by Lorenzo Scupoli, Sophia Press


Soutenus said...

Dear Esther,
You cannot imagine. . . . I take that back - you know how great is our God and so it may come as no surprise that this is an extremely timely post.
I JUST got home from confession and this is exactly the nature of counsel from my priest.
I have been thinking about it on the way home from church and I came to your blog to read this!
I am so very happy to learn about this book.
Just the excerpts are wonderful!
God bless you and yours! Your blog is a very powerful witness to your faith. Thank you for sharing.

In Christ,

Esther G. said...

Peggy, you will probably like to know that I was preparing to post about another topic. I guess God wanted me to post about trust instead.
God bless,

Soutenus said...

Amazing! Our God is so good!