Thursday, April 29, 2010

Regarding EMHC's Blessing Non-Communicants During Communion

Photo by Esther G.

I think every extraordinary minister of Holy Communion and pastors should read the following:
My post yesterday about deacons giving blessings prompted a reader to write:

My question is, as a eucharistic minister, would you have in your repertoire a short blessing that we can use when a non-Catholic or child comes up for a blessing during communion? I use, " May the Lord's blessings come down upon you in abundance" Acceptable?

Well, actually, no. As I replied: technically, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion shouldn't be giving blessings, and I know quite a few priests who think the practice of doing this at communion, even by the ordained, is wrong.

A good explanation comes from Denver's Archbishop Charles Chaput:
Read the rest here Blessings From Lay People

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