Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Priest and Magician - Father Matthew

St. Elizabeth's in Aiea recently invited Father Matthew Vellankal of Holy Spirit Church, Fremont, for a Lenten Mission. Father gave a Mission last year at another church in Hawaii.

Father was a magician (that sounds quite odd when writing about a Catholic priest :-) before being ordained. He entertains with his terrific magic tricks as he evangelizes. That is what he did at this particular mission.

My family and I were not able to attend the Mission. We were privileged instead to spend some quality time with Father thanks to my good friend. We visited Bellows Beach where we had a great time talking story with Father on the Catholic faith and just getting to know each other. I especially found his stories about meetings with Blessed Mother Teresa to be inspiring!

It was at Bellows that Father entertained us with some magic tricks.  The best trick is at the end of the video.

I think any parish who invites Father to hold a mission in their church is in for a treat because Father is priest who lives his faith with joy. He is a great model as a priest for boys and young men. I am so glad my son decided to join us that day.

If you are interest in inviting Father for a Mission talk, you can email him at fathermat@gmail.com.


Loci B. Lenar said...

Nice story! You might find interest in reading my testimony about Father Richard Tartaglia at the following link: http://lenarpoetry.blogspot.com/2010/04/father-richard-tartaglia-spiritual.html

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

Where is Fathers clerical clothes?


Esther G. said...

I did read some of your blog. Very interesting. I want to read it completely without rushing. Thank you.