Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Only in Being Marian Do We Become the Church

The Marian comprehension of the Church most decisively counters a merely bureaucratic concept of the Church. We cannot make the Church, we must be her. And only to the extent that faith, by our doings, moulds our being, are we Church, and is the Church living within us.

Only in being Marian do we become Church. Even in the beginning, the Church was not made, but begotten. She was begotten when in the soul of Mary there awakened the fiat. This is the most profound desire of the Council: that the Church awaken within our souls. Mary shows us the way.

Excerpt from Ecclesiology:
"Called to Communion: Understanding the Church Today"
by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, p. 10.
Shared by Brother John Samaha, S.M.

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