Friday, February 26, 2010

Saint Damien's Island

One can tell that Molokai is indeed Father Damien's island. His presence is everywhere! His image can be found just about anywhere too. The following are photos from yesterday's trip.

From the building next to St. Sophia where Mass is being celebrated since the unfortunate burning of St. Sophia.

Father Damien Koa Statue


Father Damien painting 

Father Damien statue in front of St. Joseph's Church


Father Damien and Children painting at the airport

Photo of young Father Damien

Saint Damien can even be found in a wall stencil

Father Clyde shared an interesting bit of trivia concerning Father Damien's efficient ways.

Look at that little screen that Father Clyde is holding.  Father Damien came up with an ingenious way of having a confessional in a small and simple church.  When it came time for confession, a veil would be placed over the screen, thus separating the confessor from the penitent.  This little screen window can be found in all the churches built by Father Damien.  It is a feature particular only to St. Damien Churches.

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Sarah - Kala said...

Very cool. I hope to get a chance to see for myself while we live in HI. Nice confessional trivia!