Monday, January 11, 2010

On True Charity

"...he who has true and perfect charity seeks self in nothing, but searches all things for the glory of God. Moreover, he envies no man, because he desires no personal pleasure nor does he wish to rejoice in himself; rather he desires the greater glory of God above all things..."

Source Imitation of Christ - Chapter 15: On Charity as te Motive of Our Actions

Ever wonder why one performs certain good things?  We would really be approaching the state of holiness if our actions were done soley for the love of God and neighbor.  However, an examination of our conscience and actions may surprise. One may find that the real reasons were not always altruistic but may be tainted with the stain of selfishness instead. 

All our thoughts prior to our actions should be examined to see whether or not we want to do it for God's glory or for our own.  If it is for God's glory, then we are on our way to holiness.  If it is because we want others to notice our good deeds and what a terrific person we are, then we already have our reward, don't we?

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