Saturday, January 30, 2010

Examination of Conscience - With Regard to Faith, Hope and Love

I found a copy of a very complete examination of conscience.  However, there is nothing to show who the author or publisher is.  If anyone recognizes this work, please let me know.  Thank you.


- Have I been irreverent in church and before the Blessed Sacrament?

-  Was I culpably distracted in my prayers? especially in the shorter daily prayers?

-  Have I disturbed and distracted others in their prayers and devotions?

-  Have I kept others from religious exercises for selfish reasons?

- Have I been irreverent in the use of sacramentals, such as holy water, the sign of the cross, etc.?  or in my genuflections and posture in Church?

- Have I accepted the will of God and believed firmly in His providence in the sorrows of life?

- Have I been slow in trying to banish or overcome doubts against faith?


- Have I brooded over my past sins, giving in half-voluntarily to the fear that they might not be forgiven?

-  Have I permitted discouragement to take possession of my heart because of my frequent faults or lack of progress in virtue?

-  Have I permitted myself to worry excessively over material setbacks and external difficulties, as if God did not know them and could not help me?

-  Have I been morose, melancholy, gloomy?

-  Have I acted the coward?

-  Have I been overanxious in regard to my health?

-  Have I deliberately neglected easy opportunities for prayer and devotion which would have made me stronger in virtue?

-  Have I been slothful about trying to acquire the habit of praying in serious temptation?

-  Have I given up prayer when prayer seemed difficult and uninviting?


-  Have I performed my external duties to God, such as hearing Mass, saying my prayers, receiving the sacraments, in a distracted, impersonal, half-hearted manner?

-  Have I been unfaithful to little promises made to God?

-  Have I given in to worldly desires, which I knew in the beginning to be inconsistent with the love of God?

-  Have I been so fond of some venial sin like gossip, or vanity, or exaggerating, that I have made no serious effort to overcome it?

-  Have I tried to do serious bodily injury to any person consecrated to God?

- Have I committed a sacrilege by receiving Holy Communion while in the state of mortal sin?  Have I made a bad confession?

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Christine said...

I think that it was excerpted from Fr. Donald F. Miller's examination of conscience,