Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Father Gordon's New Spiritual Communion Page

St. Stephen
Photo by Esther G.

Some people, including yours truly wanted to join in Spiritual Communion with Father Gordon MacRae when he celebrates Mass in his cell. If you have been reading the posts I have shared here you will remember that it is only recently that Father has that privilege to do so. In light of the interest shown, Father's blessed helpers have created a page for Spiritual Communion. You can leave prayer requests at Father's blog.
We encourage you to join us in a weekly Holy Hour. If you’re able, your Holy Hour may coincide with a weekly opportunity that Fr. MacRae has to celebrate Mass in private in his cell. The weekly Mass is celebrated each Sunday between 11 pm and midnight Eastern Standard Time.

We included a New Hampshire clock on the Spiritual Communion page. If you’re unable to join us in prayer at that time, please consider an hour in prayer with us at some other time.
Please visit Father's blog for more details.

Please spread the word.

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