Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Modesty of Dress and Love of God

Blessed Mother
Here is another good article on the topic of modesty of dress:
Modesty of Dress and Love of God

Immorality in Fashions and Destruction of the Family
Garb that does not show a person’s self-respect as an intelligent and free being (and, through baptism, as a son or daughter of God and a temple of the Holy Ghost), contributes to a large extent to the present destruction of the family. It does this by favoring temptations against purity. It also does this by its vulgarity and childishness that corrodes the notion of the seriousness of life and the need for ascesis (self-discipline), all of which are fundamental elements that maintain family cohesion and stability.

The struggle for the restoration of the family by opposing abortion, contraception, and homosexuality will be much more effective if done together with efforts to restore sobriety, modesty and elegance in dress.

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Alexandra said...

More times than I'd like to admit, my husband and I had trouble identifying the sex of someone. And it's always a women who looks and dresses like a man. One of them was our plumber, but I think he is a transsexual.

Great post! I'm linking.

Esther said...

Wonderful! TY.

glacialmama said...

Just writing to say thank you so much for the link to this article!!!!! God bless you!!

Esther G. said...

My pleasure! God bless,