Saturday, August 29, 2009

John Wayne - Catholic

Pilar and John Wayne
John Wayne was always a favorite at our home growing up. I guess it was because my mother had always been a big fan of his. It may have been because she was proud of the fact that his wife at the time was Peruvian Pilar Pallette Wayne. It may have also been because my Chinese grandfather, who as a young boy sought refuge in Peru while escaping from Communist China, actually had the privilege one day of showing John Wayne around his property in Peru. My grandfather owned a large lumber mill and I believe that is where the "Duke" visited.

As much as I would like to believe it was the Peruvian connections that made John Wayne a favorite of our family, I have to admit it was the story that my brothers and sisters heard very often...that John Wayne converted to Catholicism on his death bed. Interestingly enough, that same Chinese grandfather, who had the privilege of spending a day with John Wayne and who came from a Buddhist background, also converted to Catholicism on his deathbed.

These memories came tumbling on as I read the following articles:

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Bella said...

I had no idea about John wayne's conversion. I will pray to his soul for the conversion of my husband to Catholicism. Thank you for sharing this, Esther. Blessings, Roz

Esther said...

That is a very good intention Roz.

God bless.

SR said...

Wow, what a great testimony. John Wayne is huge in our house, just because we like his movies. It is wonderful to hear so many stories coming out about conversions to Catholicism.

Esther said...

SR, I love conversion stories too!