Friday, August 21, 2009

Admissions Day - Happy Birthday Hawaii!

Hawaii 50

Governor Linda Lingle's Opening Remarks by Gov. Linda Lingle at today's statehood conference at the Convention Center

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Anne said...

Still such a baby! You are blessed to live in such a lovely state! Will you do something special to celebrate?

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Big Girl just did a report on Hawaii for school. I ought to scan it and post it so you can see!

Gae said...

Dear Esther,
You love your state don't you!!!
Happy to 'see' you again.
I do drop by but am often interupted to leave a comment.

I have given you a loyalty award on my own blog.♥
God Bless

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Hawaii- wish I was there!

Mimi said...

Happy 50th

Esther said...

Anne, I do feel truly blessed. There are many events planned but I am not sure which ones we will attend.

Chris, I'd love to read it thank you.

Thank you Gae. And yes, I do love this state.

Thanks Kathy and Mimi. said...

Hi Esther,
Happy Admissions Day! One of my uncles visited Hawaii, and raved about its beauty. Enjoy your dY.

Charity Therese said...

Haha, we celebrated by going to the beach at the northshore area, and had shave ice! :)

Esther said...

CT, sounds good to me :-)

Esther said...

Thank you Gail!