Friday, July 31, 2009

Holy Hour Meditation - Jesus Addresses Wives and Mothers on Modesty


While at our weekly Holy Hour of Adoration I read the following:
"Have pity on Me, you the mothers and wives whom I have ennobled..mothers and wives whose great influence may be used in My favor or against Me on the souls of your own who love you...especially you, mothers and wives who in My goodness I have placed on a Christian pedestal, that in the complete accomplishment of your duty, you might be a model for those around you.

O, do not be afraid of exaggerating the divine law of modesty which is the reflection of purity in the social practice of virtue! Make sure that in your homes the sparkling beauty of Christian modesty will always shine from the brow of your daughters. By your care and for My glory make that virtue the glorious endowment of their youth! ... With anger repel far from the family threshold the perverse world...In this struggle never forget that I, I alone, am the only Master in your home! ...A day will come when it will be My turn to judge, and then the laws of this world will give way to My eternal Law...Mothers and wives, remember that I am the only Master, the only Lawmaker in the Church as in the drawing-room, in the private life as in public life, in life as in death...
Holy Hour by The Rev. Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC. Book Four

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