Friday, June 19, 2009

YEAR FOR PRIESTS - Spiritual Moms Apostolate

Our Lady of Divine Vocations
...Spiritual mothers of priests have additional concerns, although not in ways all that different from those of biological mothers. She prays that priests will be holy, that they will be conformed to Christ, have the humility to allow Christ to work through them in every moment, and will be good Fathers. She takes them as her sons by adoption, yet loving them as her own, just as Joseph loved Jesus as his own child.

She carries them with her in hear heart, pondering the Paschal Mystery, the Misterium Fidei, and the Priestood, knowing they are one and the same. She ponders deeply the needs of her Sons, understanding human nature, never in denial of that reality, even as she recognizes how we strive for holiness, and the importance for all that their spiritual Fathers, Priests, remain in a state of sanctity. Holy Priests create Holy People. It's a fact that cannot be denied.

And if one of those Priests should fall, she does not abandon him, but prays and sacrifices all the more so that he, like the Prodigal Son, might return home and be welcomed and celebrated by the Father.

She remains in the background, always implied, never seen, rarely recognized, few words spoken or recorded, and therin is her mystery and her necessity. Just as the Priest empties himself in order to stand in persona Christi, so does the spiritual mother empty herself in order to allow herself to be pierced with Divine Love and be so united with Christ at the foot of the Cross that she can lay down her own life for the Church...

For those of you considering spiritually adopting a priest during this Jubilee Year of the Priest, please read Adoro te Devote - Pondering Spiritual Motherhood

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Mrs. L said...

Thanks for posting, it's something that I have been thinking of a lot lately. God Bless:)

EC Gefroh said...

Mrs L. I hope and pray you do it.
I have to give a short talk about spiritual motherhood this coming Saturday.

God bless.