Friday, May 08, 2009

"Herod" at Notre Dame: A Novena for the St. Joseph’s of Our Time

The Flight into Bethlehem
One of my blogging buddies James Mary is asking us to join in a novena to St. Joseph which starts today.
"Please join me in the following prayer to Our Lady and Novena to Saint Joseph beginning on Friday, May 8th through Saturday, May 16th, 2009/The intention(s) is simple: That Jesus may be loved equally as much as He has been destroyed within the hearts and bodies of all children created through His Word, yet, martyred by the world of Herod by abortion. And, that Bishop’s of the Holy Church of God will act as one in defending Catholic faith and morals by rescinding the commencement invitation to President Barack Hussein Obama."
James Mary draws the comparison of King Herod and the massacre of the innocents to our current president and the massacre of millions of innocent babies through the violent killing known as abortion.

If you would like to join in, please click the link below.

Orates Fratres

Note, Notre Dame is in St. Joseph County, Indiana. I did not know that.

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Anonymous said...

Much thanks and prayers Esther from Hope Mountain.


Esther said...

Any time JM!