Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cardinal Newman Society - Fr. Corapi's Message on Notre Dame Scandal

Just received via email:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As May 17 approaches, it is now almost certain that the University of Notre Dame will violate the Bishops' clear prohibition against honoring pro-abortion leaders at Catholic institutions - ignoring the pleas of nearly 70 Catholic bishops and more than 350,000 of you!

So what are we to do? Right now, as Bishop Wenski, of Orlando said in his Mass of reparation, "I am not going to send upset Catholics to storm Notre Dame with pitchforks, I am going to tell them to pray." In that same spirit let us pray for the graduating seniors, Notre Dame and the renewal of faithful Catholic higher education in our country.

If you are near South Bend, graduates of Notre Dame who oppose the commencement honor have invited others to join them in adoration, Mass and prayer at Notre Dame's Campus. For details please visit their website:

With gratitude for your witness of the Catholic faith, Fr. John Corapi has taped the following message about what the scandal at Notre Dame means for our faith and the importance of not giving up the fight.

CLICK HERE for the Video Message from Fr. John Corapi (Note from me: VIDEO HAS BEEN POSTED BELOW)

Please forward this to your friends and remember to pray for Notre Dame. For ongoing updates or if you are unable to view the video in this message please go to

In Christ,

Patrick J. Reilly


The Cardinal Newman Society

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Tracy said...

I got this email as well, Fr. Corapi did an amazing job!!

Anonymous said...


Nice tribute to Dad (Mets Fan). In my young and foolish days I wanted my wife to spread my ashes between 1st and 2nd base at Candlestick Park, in San Francisco. (Giants Fan). What a silly goose I was...

Hope all is well and continued prayers for you and yours from here...

Could you link to this exhortation and novena. Thanks.

Grace. Blessings. Peace. Life...
james mary evans

Esther said...

He really did Tracy!

JM, thanks. Well, don't think it didn't cross the minds of someone in family to do that at the site of the old Shea Stadium ;-)

Thanks for that much needed Novena and post.