Sunday, May 31, 2009

Feast of Pentecost


As the telescope reveals not itself, but the stars beyond, so the Holy Spirit reveals not himself, but Christ.

Just think how we are able in this age of ours to communicate with distant parts of the earth thanks to electric or light waves. Why, therefore, cannot our Lord, who dwells in heaven, be within whispering distance of us, through his Holy Spirit?

Our Lord said to his apostles, 'It is only for a short time that I am with you, my children. I will not leave you orphans.' Then he promised his Spirit that would abide with them forever.

That Spirit he sent was to be another Comforter. He was their Comforter on earth.

And now his Spirit would be their comfort, their Paraclete, their Advocate.

Listen to the words of our Lord, " I will ask the Father and he will give you another Comforter, one who will dwell with you forever."

- Excerpt of Through the Year with Fulton Sheen, compiled by Henry Dieterich.

Veni, Creator Spiritus

Creator Spirit all Divine,
come visit every soul of Thine.
And fill with Thy Celestial Flame
the hearts which Thou Thyself did frame.

O Gift of God, Thine is the Sweet
consoling name of Paraclete.
And spring of life and fire of love,
and unction flowing from above.

The mystic seven-fold gifts are Thine,
finger of God's Right Hand Divine.
The Father's Promise sent to teach,
the tongue a rich and heavenly speech.

Kindle with fire brought from above
each sense, and fill our hearts with love,
And grant our flesh so weak and frail,
the strength of Thine which cannot fail.

Drive far away our deadly foe,
and grant us Thy true peace to know,
So we, led by Thy Guidance still,
may safely pass through every ill.

To us, through Thee, the grace be shown,
To know the father and the Son,
And Spirit of Them Both, may we
forever rest our Faith in Thee.

To Sire and Son be praises meet,
and to the Holy Paraclete.
And may Christ send us from above,
that Holy Spirit's gift of love.


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Anne said...

Whispering distance through the Holy Spirit... I love that! Thanks for the great site and the great Pentecost blog!

EC Gefroh said...

Thank you Anne! BTW, I've added your blog to the sidebar.

Mimi said...

A blessed afterfeast of Pentecost to you!

(BTW, lovely new profile pic!)

EC Gefroh said...

Thank you Mimi!! :-)