Friday, April 17, 2009

Special Fine Art Friday Edition - Italian Earthquake in the Abruzzo Region Damages Art Treasures, Churches and Monuments

Fireman Kissing Head of Statue of the BVM
A fireman kisses a statue of a Virgin after it was recovered from the tower of a Baroque church destroyed during the earthquake

Abruzzo Earthquake
Firemen rescuing painting from a church destroyed in the Abruzzo region earthquake

Roman churches, funerary monuments and museums where artistic treasures are housed have been damaged in the Italian region affected by the earthquake. Even though the extent of the damage has not been calculated, David Rijser, an expert in Classic and Renaissance antiquities has tried to calculate the losses.
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Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

That first picture is so beautiful.

Tracy said...

AWESOME Esther!!!!!

Evann said...

How very sad! Just stopping in to say hello! Hope your Easter was joyous!

Esther said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies.